Sunday, June 03, 2007

a few days ago on F train...

happened to sit next to these two kids probably in their early 20's talking to each other...

a. so what do you think about philip glass?
b. he uses the same pattern for a long time, like 10 minutes, right? nah, not really into it.

a. what about that guy, steve reich?
b. hmm, his music is too atonal and noisy for me. i used to like all that noisy stuff and i think it's still cool but cannot listen to it anymore.

(i held on tightly to my seat, not trying to roll my eyes...)

a. you mean like kronos and stuff?
b. yeah, it's cool but not my thing anymore. i can take it live for a little bit but that's about it.

a. so what are you listening to these days?
b. i like something that's drone-y so i don't really have to think too much while listening. that i can handle.

a. cool.

thank god, the train reached my stop... otherwise they might have had an experience they wouldn't forget that easily...