Thursday, April 09, 2009

music is such a weird thing...

i was going through "friend requests" on my myspace page... it really sounds retarded when you write it down that way... anyway...

one of the bands/person had his/her playing bach suite on amplified violin with some kind of drum beat underneath... then there was some sort of processing in the middle... and i was like, is it really possible for someone to think it's some way of "reinventing" classical music... bach's suites are masterpieces... as good as music gets... just leave them alone... don't try to mask it with your agenda to make you feel like you are doing something cool... have some respect... that's when i began to think yet again about what "music" must mean to some other people... be honest i don't know what it really means to most of people... i know many of my friends make music because they must... but still it's only a fraction of the world... and i'm sure people who are not in this kind of music that my friends and i do, they do it because they must... but why is it hard for me to deny i feel like there is something seriously different... of course there's no denying that one big part of it is the "business" side... even in this so-called experimental music, there's always that aspect of so-called "music business" part... because no matter what you do, how underground it's supposed to be, it ends up following the protocol set by the main stream music and culture... and everyone wants to have a piece of it... whatever it might be... and that part of it will never go away...

i don't really have a point or anything here... just observing... and pondering upon things as usual... and hoping i'll be able to stand on my conviction until the last day... but then how pure is my conviction...?


Blogger vlecomer said...

All people breathe in music. Sometimes you will notice that some will label what they like as "music" and everything else as just "noise". Some people breathe music in and out. Bach did. Ornette does. From what I've heard, so do you. Some who only breathe in may think what you breathe out is odd. It is best not to engage them in any way. Don't waste your breath.


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